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RASMUS – Remote Access Service Monitor for Users and Services

RASMUS is a business intelligence tool which presents an economic view of the benefit of the federation.

As each entity (SP and IdP) only makes a single technical connection to the federation hub, which is used for access requests/responses, the diagram in a sense also shows all the integrations that were not needed by the connected entities.

An estimate of the integration cost is added to all entities in the administrative interface of RASMUS, which can only be accessed by the administrators of the RASMUS system.

RASMUS match the integration cost values of all connections with real time usage statistics. All calculations are based on 'active' connections, e.g. which SPs are used by a given IdP. Conditions for when a connection is counted as 'active' can be changed (eg. '>500 users' or '>1000 logins'). This way the overall view can be discussed for several scenarios, if preferred.


Any entity, both SP and IdP, can be clicked to get a detailed view and calculations. 

The benefit of each entity is calculated as the difference between the total integration cost for all used SPs/IdPs (which would have been needed if the federation were not available) minus the entity's own connection (which would not have been established if the federation were not there).

Information about the potential number of users at each IdP may be entered to be matched with the number of individual users. From this percentage the 'coverage' of federated users at the IdP can be calculated.
The integration cost of the entity is split into two: the cost of the federation (which supported the process) and the cost for the SP/IdP itself ('local cost'). Based on the 'local cost' and knowledge about the number of succesful federation logins from that IdP, the cost per login can be decucted. The more logins, the lower the per-login price, as the integration cost is static once established.

When clicking the federation hub entity, the sum of all connections costs (one-to-one connection) is presented next to the sum of all connections used if the federation were not there (one-to-many connection) – the overall benefit of the federation is presented as the difference between the two numbers.

RASMUS Screencast

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