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Cookie policy

When accessed by you, WAYF's website will store and read certain information in so-called cookies in your device. This occurs partly in order that the site, the next time you visit it, may automatically apply the language of preference recorded at your latest visit; and partly in order that WAYF may learn how much and through which channels the site's individual pages are accessed, thus enabling itself to adjust the site runningly so as to facilitate access to important information for those in need of it. WAYF makes no other use of the information in the cookies set in your device from www.wayf.dk, and the information cannot be used to identify you.

By accessing WAYF's website you consent to its cookies usage as described above. You can retract this consent at any time, i.e. by deleting the site's cookies using your browser's interface. Also, you can simply switch off any cookies usage in your browser; but if you do, WAYF will not be able to guarantee the full functionality of the site.

Visiting minecookies.org is worthwhile if you want to learn more about cookies in general.

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