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Connecting a service to Kalmar2

Services connected to WAYF may additionally be enabled for institutions throughout the Nordic area via the 'Kalmar Union' (or 'Kalmar2'); see www.kalmar2.org.

This means that users from institutions also participating in Kalmar2 can log into such Kalmar2 services. The following steps must be followed to enable a service provider to be accessed by users from Kalmar2 institutions:

  • The service must be connected to WAYF (perhaps this is already the case).
  • The WAYF Secretariat must be informed that the service should be enabled as 'Kalmar2 service provider'. The Secretariat will then mark it as such in the Kalmar2 metadata. See https://www.kalmar2.org/kalmar2web/tech_info.html.
  • The service must consume Kalmar2 metadata (the list of all participating institutions and services that may be trusted).

The requirements for connecting to Kalmar2 are described in 'Kalmar Memorandum of Understanding' and 'Appendix A' at https://www.kalmar2.org/kalmar2web/members.html.

Choosing your institution (Kalmar2 discovery service)

When users must log in from a country different from where the service is offered, you may choose to show Kalmar2's list of participating countries and institutions. There users can pick where they come from, and will be redirected to their local login page. A link to the discovery service can be found at https://www.kalmar2.org/kalmar2web/tech_info.html.

Alternatively, you may let the users choose where to log in at the services' web page. E.g. you may present a list of relevant institutions only (customers), and redirect the user to her login page, thereby making the Kalmar2 discovery service superfluous. Login endpoints of all Kalmar2 institutions are listed in Kalmar2 metadata.

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