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Operation status

New signing certificate for WAYF's QA env. on September 12, 2016, 10 AM

WAYF's QA environment will begin using a new signing certificate on September 12, 2016 at 10 o'clock.

Metadata containing the new signing certificate will be available here (section Metadata QA) once the new key pair has been put into operation.

WAYF to change DNS settings

Changes will be made to the DNS settings of the wayf.wayf.dk name today (March 31, 2016) at 11 o'clock. This operation is not expected to affect WAYF users in any way.

WAYF to see instability at 8:00-8:02 PM on March 17, 2016

The network connection to WAYF is expected to see two minute's instability starting at 8:00 PM (Copenhagen time) on March 17, 2016.

The expected instability is due to maintenance work at WAYF's hosting partner.

WAYF to see instability at 6:00-6:02 PM on March 1, 2016

The network connection to WAYF is expected to see two minute's instability starting at 6:00 PM (Copenhagen time) on March 1, 2016.

The expected instability is due to maintenance work at WAYF's hosting partner.

WAYF geo-redundancy restored

The outage at the one of WAYF's two geo-locations has now been ended, and full geo-redundancy thus been restored for WAYF.

WAYF geo-redundancy outage

WAYF is currently operating without geo-redundacy, as one of WAYF's two geo-locations are out of order at the moment. This temporary geo-redundancy outage, however, should not affect WAYF users in any way. We are of course working to restore geo-redundancy as soon as possible.

Dropped-out institutions now disconnected

Today, the technical connection has been discontinued between WAYF and the institutions that have recently decided to leave the federation.

New SSL certificate installed for wayf.dk

On Monday, April 20 a new SSL certificate was installed for the wayf.dk domain. The new certificate employs SHA256 instead of SHA1. The certificate renewal should be of no significance to WAYF users.

WAYF access to services Metapress, UNiDAYS down on March 26, 27

WAYF access to the web services Metapress and UNiDAYS saw downtime between Wednesday afternoon (March 26) and Thursday noon (March 27).

Downtime affected at most 80 users, and was caused by a failed attempt to upgrade server software. Roll-back has been performed, and all operation is now back to normal.

WAYF's NemLog-in certificate successfully replaced

WAYF has replaced its NemLog-in certificate today, without any problems encountered. Downtime produced by the replacement was very limited, in the order of 30 seconds.

Downtime planned for WAYF's NemLog-in connection

Due to a scheduled server certificate replacement, five to fifteen minutes of downtime is expected with WAYF's NemLog-in IdP on Thursday, December 12 starting at 10 o'clock.

New metadata for WAYF's Q.A. environment

WAYF has published new metadata today for its Quality Assurance environment. Technicians using WAYF's Q.A. environment must download these new metadata, and install them on their Q.A. servers. All WAYF metadata are available here.

WAYF stability restored

Stability has now been restored to all WAYF services; operations are back to normal again.

WAYF unstable today

WAYF is seeing instability today, particularly the NemLog-in part of WAYF, and users are experiencing difficulties logging in through WAYF. The cause is a broken network cable.

The problem is in the process of being solved, but the instability persists so far.

WAYF's Q.A. env. interrupted

Technicians utilising WAYF's Quality Assurance environment may at the moment experience problems here, depending on the server software they use. This is due to an expired certificate, which WAYF will replace in near future.

This possible interruption is seen solely in WAYF's Q.A. environment, and in no way affects users accessing web services through WAYF.

Once the certificate has been replaced, technicians utilising the Q.A. environment will have to fetch new metadata for WAYF's Q.A environment, and incorporate them into their Q.A. servers.

WAYF server responsivity issue fixed

Due to heavy load on WAYF's server in the morning of Tuesday, September 3rd, some users may have experienced, at that time, long waits for server replies, or even server timeout. The problem has been fixed.

Metapress now fully accessible

The Metapress online service is now fully WAYF-accessible, including through browsers Opera, Safari on Mac.

Metapress unavailable from Mac browsers Chrome, Safari

The Metapress online service is not yet stably accessible through WAYF for Mac users browsing Chrome or Safari. WAYF is working to solve the problem but cannot guarantee a solution soon. For now, Mac users are encouraged to access Metapress through other browsers, e.g. Firefox.

WAYF unavailable Tuesday 30th October 2012

During Tusday 30. October 2012 at 12.48 - 13.09 was WAYF unavailable.

WAYF signing certificate renewed

On the 17th of April 2012 at 10 o'clock, WAYF renewed its signing certificate.

Consequently, WAYF login will work only insofar as services and institutions connected to WAYF have incorporated the new signing certificate into their WAYF setups. Guidance on how to do this is available here.

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