Institutions connected to WAYF

Legend: A green light indicates a fully operational WAYF connection; an amber light indicates a developing connection; a red light indicates a planned connection; and a black light indicates a discontinued connection.

Universities Status
Copenhagen Business School ('CBS') Production
IT University of Copenhagen ('ITU') Production
Kolding School of Design Production
Roskilde University ('RUC') Production
Technical University of Denmark ('DTU') Production
The Royal Academy of Music Aarhus/Aalborg (RAMA) Production
The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation Production
University of Copenhagen ('KU') Production
University of Iceland Production
University of Southern Denmark ('SDU') Production
Aalborg University ('AAU') Production
Aarhus University ('AU') Production
University colleges Status
Danish School of Media and Journalism Production
University College Capital Production
University College Lillebaelt (i.e. Little Belt) Production
University College Metropol Production
University College South Denmark Production
University College Zealand Production
University College of Northern Denmark Production
VIA University College Production
Further education institutions Status
Business Academy SouthWest (EASV) Production
Business Academy Aarhus Production
Copenhagen School of Marine Engineering and Technology Management Production
Cphbusiness Production
Dania Academy of Higher Education Production
Erhvervsakademi MidtVest Production
Fredericia Maskinmesterskole Production
IBA International Business Academy Production
International Business College Production
KEA – The Copenhagen School of Design and Technology Production
Lillebaelt Academy of Professional Higher Education Production
Pharmakon Production
SIMAC – Svendborg International Maritime Academy Production
Zealand Business College Production
Zealand Institute of Business and Technology Production
Aarhus School of Marine and Technical Engineering Production
Libraries Status
Library Centre of the Danish Defence Production
State and University Library Production
The Administrative Library Production
The Royal Library Production
Upper secondary schools Status
Dronninglund Gymnasium Production
Frederikshavn Gymnasium & HF-kursus Production
Frederikssund Gymnasium Production
Grenaa Gymnasium og HF Production
Marselisborg Gymnasium Production
Paderup Gymnasium Production
Rosborg Gymnasium & HF Production
Rungsted High School Production
The Christian Gymnasium Production
Vordingborg Gymnasium & HF Production
Business and vocational colleges Status
Copenhagen Hospitality College Production
Copenhagen North Production
SDE College Production
Silkeborg Business College Production
Vocational Education Centre North Production
Basic health care colleges Status
Basic Health Care College Silkeborg Production
Aarhus Basic Health Care College Production
Other institutions and identity providers Status
Application Portal Production
Capital Region of Denmark Letter of intent; or discontinued
Central Denmark Region Connecting
Danish National Art Library Letter of intent; or discontinued
Danish Research Centre for Magnetic Resonance Production
IT Department of the Ministry for Higher Education Production
National Gallery of Denmark Production
NemLog-in (national eID) Production
OESS Cooperation Production
Region Zealand Production
Society for Danish Language and Literature Production