Description URN:OID System name Multiple Status
Last name urn:oid: sn no MUST
First name urn:oid: gn no MUST
Nickname urn:oid: cn no MUST
User ID at the home organisation urn:oid: eduPersonPrincipalName no MUST
E-mail address urn:oid:0.9.2342.19200300.100.1.3 mail yes MAY
The user's primary affiliation with his home organisation urn:oid: eduPersonPrimaryAffiliation no MUST
The organisation's nickname urn:oid: organizationName no MUST
Level of assurance urn:oid: eduPersonAssurance no MUST
The user's national ID urn:oid: schacPersonalUniqueID yes MAY
The user's countries of citizenship urn:oid: schacCountryOfCitizenship yes MAY
Group memberships urn:oid: eduPersonScopedAffiliation yes MAY
The user's preferred language urn:oid:2.16.840.1.113730.3.1.39 preferredLanguage yes MAY
Rights to specific services urn:oid: eduPersonEntitlement yes MAY
Local identification number urn:oid: norEduPersonLIN yes MAY
The home organisation's unique ID urn:oid: schacHomeOrganization no WAYF
Pseudonymous user ID urn:oid: eduPersonTargetedID yes WAYF
Date of birth urn:oid: schacDateOfBirth no MAY/WAYF
Year of birth urn:oid: schacYearOfBirth no MAY/WAYF
Type of organisation of user's home organisation urn:oid: schacHomeOrganizationType no WAYF

Please note

  • Attributes are exposed by WAYF in multiple formats, for backward compability.
  • Services are encouraged to use the URN:OID format, which is the future standard.
  • WAYF does not change the content/value of an attribute.
  • If a value of an attribute is wrongly formatted, WAYF will not send this attribute through.