WAYF approved for brokering Substantial NSIS identities

Early this month, WAYF was approved by Denmark's Agency for Digital Government as a ‘broker’ of the identity assurance level ‘Substantial’ as defined in the Danish National Standard for Identity Assurance Levels (‘NSIS’). Consequently, WAYF now figures in that capacity on the Agency's official NSIS Positive List.

This approval entails WAYF's being able, as expected, to continue supplying, through its own interface, far more accessible than that of the Agency, Denmark's governmental citizens' login (‘NemLog-in’) to public service providers within research and higher education, and soon in the shape of the new ‘NemLog-in3’, with MitID the standard method of authentication. WAYF has for a long time been in a dialogue with these service providers about the transition, and expects to contact them soon to have them adopt terms for receiving NemLog-in3, essentially terms dictated by the Agency for Digital Government. End-users, however, already have the ability to authenticate with MitID at online services with an established connection to NemLog-in through WAYF, as an alternative to using NemID, which will probably be phased out in 2023, along with the old NemLog-in.